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UVE 2003 specialises in the recovery, transport, storage and sale of ferrous and non-
ferrous metals. It is comprised of two companies: UVE 2003, LLC, located near
Barcelona, and UVE 2003 Trading, LLC, located near Madrid.
The strategic position of the two companies allows for direct control over Spain and
Portugal, which contribuites to the network of relationships and direct commercial
managers present in both countries.
The additional value of UVE 2003 can be found in the creation and establishment of
technical specifications for the purchase and sale of scrap metal, which have enabled
the creation of a work philosophy based on service, quality and price.
In order to conduct business successfully, UVE 2003, LLC employs 20 staff who
perform their tasks with great professionalism.


UVE 2003 provides a complete management service for ferrous and non-ferrous
metallic waste.Thanks to our specialised team, infrastructure, and knowledge acquired
during many years of experience, we are able to offer our clients professional, quality
service that allows for the proper management of wastes at every stage of the
management process.
The objective is to offer a service that honours the commitment we establish with the
client and the quality of the management we provide.
Our services include:
Collection and reception of material
Transport and sale of metals


UVE 2003, LLC was formed in 2002 in Lliça de Vall (Barcelona), nowadays we are
located in Parets del Vallès, We are authorised and registered as a Waste Manager (number E-1584.15) with the
Catalan Waste Agency.
Later, thanks to the experience obtained and the company’s expansion, UVE 2003
Trading, LLC was founded in the Community of Madrid. It is authorized to carry out

operations of non-hazardous waste management and hazardous waste with the control
number 13G04A1400003756N, issued by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial
Planning, Community of Madrid.
The two plants have been strategically positioned to do business in the entire Iberian
Peninsula, including Portugal. UVE 2003 has established two commercial regions: one
that occupies the entire area between Catalonia and Murcia, and the other in Galicia,
Basque Country, Asturias and Aragon.
UVE 2003 Trading allows the entire central and western areas of Spain to be

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Quality Policy

Because of both our conviction and dedication, conducting our business activities
forms part of our social responsibility policy and is included in our protection of our
environment as we highly promote recycling.
We believe that our commitment to society is founded upon the construction of a more
balanced world and taking better advantage of the resources that nature provides us.
As we are aware of this responsibility to preserve the environment, materials are sorted
so as to optimise transport and handling until reaching their final destination.
The company uses a certification process that complies with the Quality and
Environmental Management System based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards
and the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, which represents the highest standards
in Europe.

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Corporate culture


Recovery, transport, storage and sale of metals throughout Spain and Portugal,
meeting the needs of our clients and suppliers, offering service, quality and price, so
that everyone obtains the maximum benefit from the exchange.
To promote integration, creation and the strengthening of the professionals and
companies that are part of our network of relationships, with the goal of ensuring a high
degree of competitiveness in the national and international markets.
To contribute to the maintenance of and encourage the conservation of the
environment in a clean and direct manner.


The growth of the group with the professionals and companies connected to the group
at national and international level.


Professional service that suits all of our client’s needs.
Competitive prices for materials being sold; contribute and encourage the
maintenance, conservation and protection of the environment; transparency and
honesty when interacting with our clients and suppliers; operational efficiency.


If you wish to contact UVE 2003 for any reason, please send a E-mail to “info@uve2003,com”


UVE 2003, S.L.


Calle Mestral, 3
Pol. Ind. Can Volart
08150 – Parets del Válles – Barcelona


+34 938 634 188

Uve 2003 Trading, S.L.


Carretera de Andalucía, km. 13,500
Polg. Ind. Los Ángeles
28901 – Getafe – Madrid


Tel. + 34 916 953 625
In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 december on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your personal data will be incorporated into Contacts and Mailing files of UVE 2003, S.L./UVE 2003 TRADING, S.L. in order to administer the contacts and mailing, and manage our business relationships. You expressly agreed with your data processing for the indicated purpose. You can exercising rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection, contacting us in writing to UVE 2003, S.L./ UVE 2003 TRADING, S.L. in C/Mestral 3, P.I. Can Volart, 08150 Parets del Vallès, Barcelona or by e-mail to c.valenzuela@uve2003.com, indicating clearly on the issue Exercise of the Rights LOPD.